The LockedCraft network started as a survival MineCraft server created by Graf33 in early 2012 under the name CraftGrounds. After re-branding under the name "LockedCraft Network" in 2013, the server was split into 4 game modes (SMP (Towny), SG (Survival Games), SCB (Super Craft Bros), and Brutal PVP.) with two separate staff teams for these servers. The head staff team at the time (KageTsukasa, McJbob, Leahsome and Sas) held the server together during the times when Graf33 was not around. The re branded server experienced significant success, peaking in 2014 with the addition of 4 additional servers (Prison, SW (SkyWars), KitPVP, and SB (SkyBlock)), the reunification of the staff team, and a record of 1000 online players.

After reaching the aforementioned peak, the server began to fragment; a gradual but pronounced decrease in interest and activity on the part of Graf33 and his associated failure to delegate extended permissions to compensate for this inactivity resulted in the server falling into a state of disrepair. As a result of several console level glitches, updates, and bugs, the SG, SCB, KitPVP, SW, and SB servers permanently crashed while the reaming servers (SMP, Prison, and BrutalPVP (Then rebranded as factions)) succumbed to a myriad of bugs.

After experiencing a steady player loss for a period of two years (ultimately resulting in an average player count of 0.3), the staff team (under the leadership of LynnMarvel and AlcaPwned69) unanimously decided to stop maintaining the LockedCraft network. All LockedCraft assets have subsequently expired, and all remaining communications are now facilitated through the LockedCraft Legacy System (Link) and the LockedCraft Community Discord (Link).

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List of Domains Controlled at One Point in Time by the LockedCraft Network
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