This page is written in Present Tense and is therefore outdated as the server has shut down; if you can correct this, please do.

Introduction Edit

The towny server was the original server in lockedcraft, and is the center of the network, and website. Donator ranks purchased on towny will show up on the lockedcraft website. Enjoy building on protected plots without griefing! Make a town, join a nation, or participate in an event, towny has something for almost everyone!

Rules Edit

Main article SMP rules Edit

SMP a particularly safe server; griefing, looting, and raiding are illegal (punishable by jail time) and scamming players is illegal. This makes the SMP experience more about building towns/houses, and less about protecting them. If property gets griefed, a raid happens, or a player is scammed, they can make a modreq to staff, and everything will be resolved.

Basic SMP commands Edit

Main article SMP commands

There are many commands on SMP, but for this article, only the vital non-donator commands will be covered. To start with, teleportation (tpa, tpahere, tp, etc) are restricted to donators. Members and regulars are not able to use to use these. Non-donators have access to /sethome and /home (sethome sets a personal warp and home goes to that personal warp), /warp and /masterwarp (goes to a warp made by server staff or a high), (donator), /modreq (contacts staff about an issue to be resolved), /auc (auction command) and /ch (primary chat command). There are many more commands, but only the vital ones are covered here. Please see the main article for more information

Primary SMP plugins Edit

Main article SMP plugins

The SMP server is economy based, and the plugins stem around that. Very basic information about vital plugins is located below.

Towny Edit

Main article Towny

Probably the single most important plugin on SMP, and the core of the server, Towny is land management. All players have the ability to either a: Join a town, b: Make a town, and c: (if you own a town) join a nation. It takes $20000 to start a town, $500 to claim a 14x14 plot for your town, and joining a nation is free. For a more specific tutorial about towny, visit the main article.

Lockette Edit

Main article Lockette

Adding on to the peaceful rules of SMP another protection is the lockette plugin. This allows any player to make private containers that only they (or anyone else they add to it) can open. Lockette works by putting [Private] signs on containers. Users can be added to the whitelist of a container with the command /lockette. Moderators are able to open all containers

Auction Edit

Main article Auction

Like many servers on the network, SMP has an auction plugin that allows players to sell items. The primary command is /auc, and all players online can bid on it. The plugin shows the name of the item, so items named with an anvil will show the modified name. Moderators have the ability to stop any running auction, so be careful what you name it: it must be appropriate.

Donator Ranks Edit

Main article SMP Donator Ranks

Many ranks are avalable on the SMP server for real life money. They give serious perks for donators including gamemode and reparing items. Creative mode has a plugin called Limited Creative. This means that players who have donated for creative mode are unable to drop items. For more information about donator ranks for the smp server, go to the main article. All ranks are listed below.











Staff Members Edit

Main article Server Staff

On SMP, server staff have many permissions. Information about staff perms is on the main article.

Staff ranks are:




Head Administrator


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